Data shows 22 veterans commit suicide a day. Why?

In military life people work together to help others. They are extremely focused on taking down the enemy.
In civilian life veterans work competitively to get ahead of others in order to manage. Public presentations that discuss the topic of veteran awareness should educate people and provide community services available to develop employment and offer recreation.

The veteran may be forced to take on stressors includin
Physical therapy and Financial issues
Educational classes and Vocational challenges
Emotional counseling and Recreational opportunities

The Plight of the Veteran” offers insights into the challenges a family and veteran may face while deployed and the adjustment of returning home. Once a soldier leaves the battlefield injured, the battle within just begins.

” The program was a good account of what we go through after we’re deployed. I had 20 years abroad and people don’t understand. ‘Thank you for your service’ is just words it doesn’t result in action.- U.S. Marine