People with disabilities are “the largest untapped resource.” The Americans with Disabilities Act
mandates equal treatment of all job applicants. Below is content from my booklet that offers strategies and information on the topic.

1) Talk with your employees during a meeting.
2) Plan a vocational rehabilitation staff to give a presentation.
3) Invite another business to discuss their hiring experiences.
4) Encourage a human resource staff to attend a disability seminar.
5) Partner with a disability agency and volunteer at one of their events.
6) Hold a fundraiser to benefit an agency where people disabilities attend.
7) Communicate within the company and in the community about policy.

Schedule a presentation to learning more on the topic. Contact Susan Schaffer or 717-984-2171.

“I worked for many years at a government agency that both served people with disabilities and hired them.  Susan’s insights are thoughtful, practical, necessary, and welcome.” Wendy