Many people are undecided who to vote for so here are some notes. I hope this is helpful for making and educated choice. It is the most important decision in America’s history. Since day one of office President Trump has been working hard for all Americans. You count.

Healthcare –People can enjoy their own private insurance companies.
Businesses can offer good health coverage for employees.
Veterans can go to private doctors and be covered by the VA.

Economy – Before COVID It was the best since 1969. In July 2019 unemployment was 3.6%. Companies are returning from overseas to open up business here such as IBM, Walmart, Ford, Sprint, Bayer, etc.

Safety–  Mandatory background checks must continue. To stop school shootings retired military, must be present in schools. Police must be supported by governors/mayors and petty criminals must be fined. 158,000 ICE arrests; 80,000+ DUI, 50,000+ assaults,

African Americans– They had the lowest unemployment rates in history. 7+million new jobs created. First Step Act – This legislation reforms the legislation reforms the federal prison system and reduced sentences for drug offenses. Opportunity Zones- This legislation guarantees funding for black Colleges and Universities and promotes school choice.

Joe Biden will increase your taxes.
Joe Biden will roll back Trump’s tax cuts.
Joe Biden will add Democrat lawyers to the Supreme Court.
Joe Biden will send jobs overseas; unemployment will soar.
Joe Biden will eliminate cash bail; prisoners will re-commit crimes.
Joe Biden will not support fracking; the U.S. will be energy dependent.
Joe Biden will eliminate congress support; he will rule by executive order.
Joe Biden will defund the police; safety will be at risk & crime will increase.
Joe Biden will confiscate people’s guns; self-defense will be impossible. 
Joe Biden will make healthcare public; you will lose your doctor.

Americans are at risk of losing their freedoms. The democratic party is going to turn it into a socialist nation. What does that mean? What will be the differences?

Socialism means a population collectively owns and controls the production and distribution of goods and services proportionately to the people. This is done in order to level the playing field for all society. This sounds fair but in reality:

1) Wealth distribution is unequal; government receives most.
2) Most businesses are government owned and operated.
3) There are no financial incentives to work harder.
4) Taxes are very high so people can not afford food or medicine.
5) Healthcare is government run; wait times for medical help are long.
6) People with pre-existing conditions are not priority.
7) Guns, even if obtained legally, are confiscated
8) The middle and upper class will pay for poorer people.
9) Using other people’s money will eventually dry up.
10) College tuition is not free; people will be forced to work for free.

Socialism has never worked in other countries. It’s been tried in Russia, Poland, North Korea, East Germany, all of Africa, Czecholslovaki, Romania, Sweden, China, India, and Venezuela.

Socialism turned Venezuela from the richest country in South America to the poorest, They had gold, uranium, minerals and oil reserves. Now people are scouring the trash for food and overflowing with illegal drugs. In Sweden and E. Germany the government distributes the money but the economy is capitalist. Taxes are high. Changing government structure is|
nearly impossible since leaders are unwilling to relinquish power.

The Democratic Party is one of ideology. That means ideas and thoughts characterize a group, social class, or individuals. These people are most concerned with the emotions President Trump evokes. That is the reason for the constant anger and pettiness displayed by the media. 

Judgements of President Trump include: •He is not presidential. •His tone is not appealing. •His words are too divisive. •His background was one of privilege. •His career was never a political one. •He is not respectful of women. •More… You may not agree with these statements but consider the alternative choice.

* Facts over feelings policy over personality matters most at this time.
Thank you for reading this.